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I'm confident this isn't meant to be heard.

Borrowings: Teaser

On September 19th, a new chapter begins.

The Calico Cloak

The Librarians of Fairy Tale Studies, Childhood Studies, and Sex and Death have a very civil discussion regarding a temporary re-categorization of a familiar tale.

A Foundational Valve

The Librarians of Beginnings and Sex and Death discuss part of the frame tale for Alf Layla Wa-Layla, and the unique purpose it serves to The Boundless Library.

The Ensuing Handkerchief

Having established the setting and impetus for a fateful meeting that is yet to come in the story of Alf Layla Wa-Layla, the Librarians of Beginnings and Sex and Death...

The Yellow Cylinder

To celebrate Hallowe'en, we share with you an early wax recording of The Yellow Wallpaper, or at least we try to.

The Yellow Wallpaper

With some effort, we did manage to extract The Yellow Wallpaper from its wax prison, and are sharing it with you as a Hallowe'en bonus.

My Brother's Keeper

Three Librarians discuss Hansel and Gretel, and draw a connection to a biblical pair.

Of Perilous Narratives

Following the discussions from the last episode, the Librarians start down a somewhat unsettling train of thought that is sure to bring some undesirable housecleaning.

But Here's What Really Happened

Today, the Librarian of Ellipses and Elliptical Storytelling investigates this episode, in which the Librarian of the Beginnings Catalogue will discover this episode, ...

The Rest of the Iceberg

The Librarians discuss world building, its chilling effect on Beginnings, and the integrity of a universe.

Magical Girls

Two Librarians explore what happens when a fictional character overshadows their real-life inspiration.

Sexy Beast

Two Librarians discover the merits and liabilities of an extremely literal outlook.

Dead To Begin With

Can a story keep being told after the death of its author? Should it?

The Shusher Hunt

When a creature of the Boundless Library becomes unusually aggressive, the Librarians suit up and face the danger head-on.

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